Stewart from SW Racing has taken up a job in the UK with the Milwaukee Yamaha Team for 2015.
All Mupo Suspension enquiries should be directed to Glenn Allerton from GASD on 0420 927 414.

We wish to thank all our customers for thier continued support, we will update you on our return.
Wishing everyone a fast season. Stewart & Janice Winton.

Mupo Cartridge Kit K911

Mupo Cartridge KIT K 911

This Kit allow to mount the innovation K 911 system in the other Mupo cartridge (R-Evolution, TCH, LcRr).

Are provided all the componets necessary to do the upgrade in the Mupo cartridge and install the K 911 system.

This system (Patent Pending) guarantees the possibility to obtain diverse suspension rigidities.

It offers to the rider many setting possibilities in any conditions.
It's possible modify the spring stiffness simply, in a very short time, without replacing components. These modifi cations can be executed in a very short time lap, for example it takes few seconds from the race start to establish a new set-up of the motorbike if the weather conditions modify (dry-wet).

Adjustment features:

5 spring settings K (constant)
Rebound 40 positions
Compression 40 positions
Spring preload 30 positions (15mm)